Key Items from Longstanding Belfast Home Make over £10,000 at Auction

AN extremely rare Lalique vase and a silver and enamel arts and crafts bowl made over £10,000 collectively during a recent sale at Bloomfield Auctions in East Belfast.

The key items were featured as part of a specialist sale where the entire contents of Shakespear House, Adelaide Park, Belfast, which was owned by the Haslett family for the past 110 years, were auctioned off.

The impressive Shakespear House was first designed in 1891 for J F Warden, proprietor of the city’s Grand Opera House and was bought by the Haslett family in 1912, who went on to become one of the most influential families in Belfast.

The Rev Henry Haslett became the Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Castlereagh, brothers John Wilson Haslett and Sir James Horner Haslett founded the wholesale grocery business named J & J Haslett which was later sold to the Mace group of businesses in 1990s.

Sir James Haslett went on to become an MP for Belfast West in the UK Parliament from 1885 until 1886 and then become Mayor of Belfast in 1887, the same year he was knighted. Sir James’ statue currently stands outside Belfast City Hall.

According to Karl Bennett, Managing Director at Bloomfield Auctions, this most recent sale is among the most unique that the local auction house has hosted.

“We’re very privileged to have been able to host this sale – the items of which showcase incredible pieces of history from one of the most well-known families in Belfast,” said Karl.

“The Lalique vase is extremely rare, and we believe that it’s unlikely to have ever been seen in Ireland before. It was sold alongside a silver and enamel arts and crafts bowl for £5,200 and £7,800 respectively.”

Other notable items from the sale included a suite of bedroom furniture which sold for £3,200 and two dresses dating back to the 1700s which made £200.

“Everyone who bought items at our auction now owns incredible pieces of history – which is why we do what we do here at Bloomfield Auctions.

“We can’t wait to see what else comes up for Bloomfield Auctions in the near future.”

Image one

Image one: The extremely rare Lalique vase which sold for £5,200 as part of a unique sale at Bloomfield Auctions in East Belfast.

Image two

Image two: A silver and enamel arts and crafts bowl which was sold as part of the Shakespear House sale at Bloomfield Auctions. The bowl sold for £7,800.

Image three

Image three: The suite of bedroom furniture which sold for £3,200 during Bloomfield Auctions’ most recent sale.

Image four

Image four: One of the dresses which sold for £200 during a sale of the contents of Shakespear House, in Bloomfield Auctions in East Belfast.