Let us do the straight talking for you.

Combining our in-house expertise with our network of creative and digital partners, we can offer our clients the ease of ‘One Supplier, One Solution.’ With our expert team, we can manage all of your PR, communications and marketing needs under one roof.

We find out what it is exactly that your company needs to be saying, both internally and externally to your stakeholders, and then using the most effective methods we achieve results.

Public and Media Relations.

Public relations is about reputation – the result of what you do, what you say, and what others say about you.

Using a variety of methods, NAKEDPR will help to build confidence and trust in you, your company and your brand using targeted PR. Whether it’s externally through the media by writing a press release, placing an article or briefing a journalist, or internally using newsletters, presentations or emails, we will communicate your message in the most effective way to the people who matter.

When the unexpected happens and you don’t want to be the story, you need to be prepared. With extensive experience in crisis comms, NAKEDPR will create a thorough crisis communications plan that will enable you to respond to unforeseen circumstances or extreme events that will ensure your stakeholders are receiving accurate and timely information using the appropriate channels.

Marketing Communications.

Using a tactical marketing mix, we will help to promote and sell your company, products and  services to a clearly defined target audience.

At NAKEDPR, we do not use a scattergun approach.

We are methodical, with extensive experience in strategy development to ensure that your marketing communications are well thought out and aligned to your brand, giving your stakeholders a clear vision of your work.

We will provide you with fresh, engaging and optimised content. Using digital analytics and a selection of online marketing tools and techniques. We will consistently measure results and pivot accordingly to improve engagement within target markets. We also work alongside some of the best creative digital partners and suppliers, ensuring our clients get the best results.

Project Management.

Simply put, we can plan, oversee, and successfully deliver one-off projects.

For example, does your company need a new website, or are you launching a new product or service, expanding your company, opening new offices or exporting into new markets? Let us help you to take the project or campaign from an idea to execution.

Well versed in marketing and communication practice, we have an intimate knowledge of tools and channels to elevate your message. Our dedicated  consultants will help you to define your goals and build a marketing and communications plan to deliver your overall vision.

We will manage communication with all internal and external stakeholders, freelancers, and vendors. Delivering to set deadlines, we will work with you to prepare the project budget, assign tasks, and clear any roadblocks along the way. Finally, we will leverage analytics that will help you to make informed decisions, ensuring your expectations are met and exceeded.

Let's work together!