IPC Mouldings Partners with Social Enterprise, Access Employment Ltd

IPC Mouldings has partnered with local social enterprise, Access Employment Ltd (AEL), as part of their ongoing commitment to engaging with the local community and building bridges in education and training.

AEL, a non-profit organisation, provides meaningful work and employment opportunities, along with training and personal development opportunities for vulnerable or disadvantaged adults within the community. Based in Larne, they undertake various work contracts on behalf of several local companies, as well as running a number of their own commercial businesses to include the Lunchbox Café, Nagy Burn Garden Centre, Candyrush and Create Gifts.

Members of the IPC Mouldings’ team recently visited AEL, as they have been inspecting and packing some parts, which are manufactured by IPC. During the visit, Operations Manager, John McPherson and Director, Graeme Bennett, were taken on a guided tour by AEL’s Head of Services, Lorraine Black, where they visited busy workshops filled with hard working trainees and job coaches.

In one of the workshops, John and Graeme were shown the live-action engraving of glassware and drinks holders, before paying a visit to the flourishing greenhouses and Garden Centre.

John McPherson, Operations Manager, said, “We are delighted to announce that IPC Mouldings is partnering with AEL. Graeme [Bennett] and I were both very happy to visit AEL and speak with their Head of Services, Lorraine Black, as well as see some of the outstanding work that they carry out. Their dedication to training those with additional needs is remarkable and much appreciated within our community.”

“We are investing in a long term relationship and look forward to creating opportunities that will not only fulfil the needs of those in AEL, but will also align with our business, our purpose, our vision and our values. It’s a privilege for IPC to work with AEL,” added Joanne Liddle, managing director of IPC Mouldings.

Lorraine Black, Head of Services, AEL said; “The work that AEL performs is having a tremendous positive social and economic impact in the greater Mid and East Antrim area, as we collaborate with various local companies and organisations. IPC Mouldings is one such organisation and we are extremely happy to welcome them as a partner organisation.”

Jackie Reid, Head of Business, said, “As a social enterprise, all of our income is reinvested back into the business, which helps AEL provide training, work experience and paid employment for young people and adults with additional needs, learning disabilities and physical supports needs. We are thrilled to partner with IPC Mouldings and look forward to a long successful working relationship.”

You can find out more about the valuable work AEL performs on their website: https://accessemployment.co.uk.