Historic Geneva Bible sells for £20,000

A historic bible with international significance sold today (Tuesday 10 January) for £20,000, twice the higher end of the auctioneer’s valuation. The sale took place at Bloomfield Auctions in Belfast which has built a considerable reputation for the sale of historically and culturally significant objects.

Karl Bennett said: “We have been fortunate to have many interesting and historic items for sale at Bloomfield Auctions and this has been one of the most exciting. The Elizabeth Pole Bible is a piece of world history. It was carried by an inspirational woman from her home in rural Devon to the New World where she joined the Founding Fathers, before going on to establish the town of Taunton, Massachusetts.

The attention that the bible drew from both sides of the Atlantic is testament to the extraordinary life of Elizabeth Pole, and how these early pioneers helped found a country that has influenced every part of the world.”

The Geneva Bible dated 1615, once owned by Elizabeth Pole and prior to auction had been valued between £5,000-£10,000. It was part of a private collection from a gentleman’s residence on sale today. The sale of the bible garnered significant interest from both the UK and the USA due to its cultural and historic significance.

The Geneva Bible is considered one of the most historically significant translations of the bible. It was the first mechanically printed, mass-produced bible available to the public and pre-dates the King James Bible by fifty years.

The edition being sold by Bloomfield Auctions was printed in 1615 by Robert Barker, printer to Elizabeth I and James I. It was presented to Sir William Pole by the then Archbishop of Canterbury and given to his daughter Elizabeth Pole when she travelled with her brother on the Speedwell to the New World in 1633. There Elizabeth founded the town of Taunton, Massachusetts, the first woman to establish a town in North America.

Over the last number of years Bloomfield Auctions has forged an international reputation for the sales of historically significant antiques and collectables. These have included personal items belonging to Michael Collins and other objects from Ireland’s War of Independence, a walking stick owned by Northern Ireland’s first Prime Minister James Craig, and pieces associated with the Titanic and its ill-fated maiden voyage.

Karl Bennett said: “Bloomfield Auctions is synonymous with selling historical items from various time periods across the world. Looking ahead, I’ve no doubt that we will continue to receive fascinating items for future sales.”

For more information, visit the website: www.bloomfieldauctions.co.uk.

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