Armoy Races 2023 Statement

Statement by Chairman William Munnis on behalf of the Directors of the Armoy Motorcycle Road Racing Club;

“After a directors’ meeting earlier this week, the Club can confirm that the Race of Legends Armoy Road Races will take place in 2023 on Friday/Saturday 28th and 29th July.

“Careful consideration was given regarding the insurance costs and other associated information to run this race. Caution will be adhered to throughout, to ensure that we can deliver the well run, and high-profile road race that we are known for in Armoy whilst meeting the needs of the event.

“The £30K insurance cost is extensive and many other costs have also risen. We would, however, like to thank the MCUI for all their hard work in achieving a working solution to these insurance issues. We would also like to thank the local community, residents, our sponsors, riders and the wider road racing community for their support and encouragement throughout – this hasn’t been an easy period and the decision to run the race this year hasn’t been made lightly.

“We will be looking at support packages and these will be launched via our website soon – please do keep an eye out on our social media platforms and other road racing media outlets for further information in due course. We now begin the detailed planning, at a much later stage, of running a road race at the end of July!”