Benevolent Fund Provides Support for UDRVeterans

ULSTER Defence Regiment veterans in Northern Ireland are being reminded of The UDR Benevolent Fund, which provides assistance to former members and their dependants who are in need.

The UDR Benevolent Fund is a registered charity, which provides support to those former members of the Ulster Defence Regiment and their dependants who are affected by illness, disability, infirmity, poverty, or other adversity. 

Brian Kennedy, Secretary of the UDR Benevolent Fund explains more about the Fund, “The Benevolent Fund has been providing support for over 50 years to the Ulster Defence Regiment community.

“In the past fifteen years, the Benevolent Fund has spent over £6 million on the welfare and respite care of former members of the Regiment and their dependant families who are in need. As our veteran community is getting older, their needs are becoming more complex. These could include health conditions, mobility issues and financial hardship. The Fund may be able to assist in numerous ways, for example with specialist chairs or beds to help improve quality of life, contributing towards the cost of home adaptions for health conditions, and financial assistance, with food vouchers, oil fills and to help with household goods.

“Respite care is also an important aspect for the Benevolent Fund. Last year, 534 UDR veterans and their families benefitted from a respite break at our apartments on the North Coast, which are available free of charge and a further 233 veterans took part in other respite activities. 

“Whenever a veteran contacts the Benevolent Fund office, a case worker from the Veterans Welfare Service NI, the Royal British Legion or SSAFA will be assigned. The case worker will then establish how the Benevolent Fund can assist and will help the veteran to complete a grant application form. All applications are dealt with in the strictest confidence.”

Many thousands served within the ranks of The Ulster Defence Regiment between 1970 and 1992. If you were one of them and are now in need due to illness, disability, infirmity, poverty, or other adversity, please contact the Benevolent Fund office, by calling:  07720677838 or emailing: