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Founded in October 2023, NI SPACE is a regional space cluster that is supported by the UK Space Agency to promote and support regional capabilities in both the national and international space sector.


The role of NI SPACE is to develop, inspire and support opportunities with Northern Ireland by facilitating knowledge exchange and developing collaborations with key stakeholders that will maximise business potential, drive economic growth and progress the space sector in Northern Ireland.

Measuring success.

A new organisation with an unknown identity, in just over three months NI SPACE has an emergent brand presence with a strong foothold in the space sector. Successfully positioning itself as one of the most exciting and innovative space clusters within the UK space eco system.

What we achieved.

Some achievements for NI SPACE, driven by our team at NAKEDPR, include:

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Organic LinkedIn followers within the first two months of account creation.

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Impressions across LinkedIn profile.


Print and online coverage
articles in two month.


High profile media interviews on regional and national broadcast.

What we delivered.

Since October 2023, NAKEDPR has delivered successful projects and campaigns which has included:

Having worked alongside the NAKEDPR team previously I knew of their reputation in both the advanced manufacturing and aerospace sectors in Northern Ireland. With this rich background I had every confidence that they would be able to draw on their experience and industry knowledge to help establish the NI SPACE cluster.

NAKEDPR have proven to be an exceptional partner, with Jackie and her team playing a crucial role in enhancing our brand, building our space community, and offering invaluable support and guidance throughout.

Robert Hill,

NI SPACE cluster manager.

NAKEDPR | Media Marketing and Communication | NI SPACE