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The Gallaher Trust.

Established in 2017, The Gallaher Trust is an independent charity working to support delivery partners who promote job creation, skills development and provide assistance to disadvantaged adults in the wider Ballymena community.


Since the charity’s inception, £1.9 million has already been committed and the organisation has supported projects that are striving to create over 400 jobs, develop skills for over 1,100 adults and provide support for 1,500 disadvantaged adults by 2025.

Measuring success.

The Gallaher Trust has achieved positive media coverage and growing social media engagement at a local and wider level which has led to a greater awareness of what the Trust is all about.

What we achieved.

Some achievements for The Gallaher Trust, driven by our team at NAKEDPR, include:


Print and online coverage
articles per month.

Established new social media presence across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.
Entering the Ballymena Chamber Business Awards 2022 and winning the ‘Involvement in the Community Award’.

What we delivered.

Since 2021, NAKEDPR has delivered  a range of marketing comms for The Gallaher Trust including:

NAKEDPR has been an excellent company to work with. They have helped us to develop our presence and guided us at every turn which we greatly appreciate as an independent charity. With their advice and help, creating our new website and social media platforms were without a doubt much more seamless than we had anticipated. We are delighted to have formed a dynamic partnership with Jackie and her team.

Ian Paisley MP,

Chair of The Gallaher Trust

NAKEDPR | PR Company | The Gallaher Trust